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    Sejfulla Malëshova

    Mar 02, 1900 Këlcyrë Died on 09 Jun 1971 (aged 71)

    Albanian politician

    Elvi Berisha

    Mar 02, 1999 Fier 25 years old

    association football player

    Endri Karina

    Mar 02, 1989 Elbasan 35 years old

    Albanian weightlifter

    Eglajd Dedej

    Mar 02, 1990 Albania 34 years old

    Albanian footballer

    Florjon Mima

    Mar 02, 1962 Tirana 62 years old

    Albanian politician

    Ardian Pepa

    Mar 02, 1977 47 years old

    Albanian sculptor

    Vasif Biçaku

    Mar 02, 1922 Tirana 102 years old

    Albanian association football player

    Thomas Nassi

    Mar 02, 1892 Dardhë Died on 21 Dec 1964 (aged 72)

    American musician

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