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    Ivan Focht

    Jun 07, 1927 Sarajevo Died on 20 Oct 1992 (aged 65)

    Croatian philosopher and mycologist

    Sejo Sexon

    Jun 07, 1961 Sarajevo 62 years old

    Bosnian musician

    Svetlana Kitić

    Jun 07, 1960 Tuzla 63 years old

    handball player

    Goran Jelisić

    Jun 07, 1968 Bijeljina 55 years old

    Yugoslav war criminal

    Enver Hadžihasanović

    Jun 07, 1950 Zvornik 73 years old

    Bosnian general

    Rodoljub Čolaković

    Jun 07, 1900 Bijeljina Died on 30 Mar 1983 (aged 82)

    Yugoslav partisan

    Amir Osmanović

    Jun 07, 1970 Lukavac 53 years old

    Bosnia and Herzegovina footballer

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