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    Blagoy Blagoev

    Dec 04, 1956 Preslav 67 years old


    Elisaveta Konsulova-Vazova

    Dec 04, 1881 Plovdiv Died on 29 Aug 1965 (aged 83)

    Bulgarian artist and art instructor

    Georgi Todorov (weightlifter)

    Dec 04, 1952 71 years old


    Daniel Mitov

    Dec 04, 1977 Sofia 46 years old

    Bulgarian politician

    Vasil Kamburov

    Dec 04, 1975 Veliko Tarnovo 48 years old

    Bulgarian footballer

    Darin Todorov

    Dec 04, 1988 Shumen 35 years old

    Bulgarian footballer

    Maria Dancheva

    Dec 04, 1995 Pazardzhik 28 years old

    Bulgarian volleyball player

    Khristo Aleksandrov

    Dec 04, 1957 66 years old

    Bulgarian rower

    Mario Petkov

    Dec 04, 1996 Bulgaria 27 years old

    association football player

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