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    Kika Silva

    Mar 18, 1992 Santiago 32 years old

    Andrés Zaldívar

    Mar 18, 1936 Santiago 88 years old

    Chilean politician

    María Luisa Godoy

    Mar 18, 1980 Santiago 44 years old

    Chilean journalist

    Natalia Cuevas

    Mar 18, 1966 Santiago 58 years old

    Manuel Trucco

    Mar 18, 1875 Cauquenes Died on 25 Oct 1954 (aged 79)

    Vice President of Chile

    Eduardo Villagra

    Mar 18, 1990 Santiago 34 years old


    Francesca Ancarola

    Mar 18, 1968 56 years old

    Chilean folk and jazz musician

    Cristián Basaure

    Mar 18, 1981 Santiago 43 years old

    Chilean footballer

    José Pablo Arellano

    Mar 18, 1952 Santiago 72 years old

    Chilean politician

    José Martínez (Chilean footballer)

    Mar 18, 1991 Curicó 33 years old

    Chilean footballer

    Luis Ignacio Quinteros

    Mar 18, 1979 Santiago 45 years old

    Chilean footballer

    Augusto Carvacho

    Mar 18, 1914 Fabero 110 years old

    Chilean basketball player

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