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    Frederick Niven

    Mar 03, 1878 Valparaíso Died on 30 Jan 1944 (aged 65)

    Scottish journalist and novelist

    Enrique Balmaceda

    Mar 03, 1878 Died on 04 Jan 1962 (aged 83)

    Chilean politician and diplomat

    Carlos Franz

    Mar 03, 1959 Geneva 65 years old

    Chilean writer

    Pedro Lastra

    Mar 03, 1932 Quillota 92 years old

    Chilean writer

    Carlota Ulloa

    Mar 03, 1944 Santiago 80 years old

    Alejandro Contreras

    Mar 03, 1993 Santiago 31 years old

    Chilean footballer

    María Jesús Matthei

    Mar 03, 1992 Santiago 32 years old

    Chilean model and Pageant title holder.

    Nick Doberer

    Mar 03, 1990 Chile 34 years old

    Chilean rugby league footballer (b. 1990)

    Bárbara Santibáñez

    Mar 03, 1996 Santiago 28 years old

    Chilean footballer

    Jaime Carreño

    Mar 03, 1997 Recoleta 27 years old

    Chilean association football player

    Jaime Patricio Ramírez

    Mar 03, 1967 Santiago 57 years old

    Chilean footballer

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