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    Jacqueline van Rysselberghe

    Feb 03, 1965 Concepción 58 years old

    Chilean politician

    Enrique Sorrel

    Feb 03, 1912 Linares Died on 26 Oct 1991 (aged 79)

    Chilean association football player

    Carlos Lemus

    Feb 03, 1989 San Felipe 34 years old

    Chilean footballer

    Luis Ibarra (football manager)

    Feb 03, 1937 Santiago Died on 12 Nov 2013 (aged 76)

    Chilean football manager

    Byron Nieto

    Feb 03, 1998 Chile 25 years old

    Emilio Merino

    Feb 03, 1950 Cauquenes 73 years old

    Chilean politician

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