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    Luis Fernando Copete

    Feb 12, 1989 Istmina 35 years old

    Colombian footballer

    Caterine Ibargüen

    Feb 12, 1984 Bogotá 40 years old

    Colombian athlete competing in high jump, long jump and triple jump

    Alejandro Galvis Galvis

    Feb 12, 1891 Curití Died on 17 Jun 1981 (aged 90)

    Colombian politician

    Santiago Rojas Arroyo

    Feb 12, 1967 Bogotá 57 years old

    Colombian lawyer

    Pablo Hernández (cyclist)

    Feb 12, 1940 Suesca 84 years old


    Pablo Andrés Escobar

    Feb 12, 1987 Florida 37 years old

    Colombian footballer

    Jair Bernal

    Feb 12, 1968 Tunja 56 years old

    Colombian racing cyclist

    Frank Ramírez

    Feb 12, 1939 Aguazul Died on 19 Feb 2015 (aged 76)

    Colombian actor

    Juanjo Narváez

    Feb 12, 1995 San Juan de Pasto 29 years old

    Colombian footballer

    Charles Quinto

    Feb 12, 1990 Bogotá 34 years old


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