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    Carlos Rúa

    May 21, 1992 Barranquilla 32 years old

    Colombian footballer

    Oreste Sindici

    May 21, 1828 Ceccano Died on 12 Jan 1905 (aged 76)

    Italian opera singer

    Manuel de Bernardo Álvarez del Casal

    May 21, 1743 Bogotá Died on 10 Sep 1816 (aged 73)

    Colombian politician

    Víctor Hugo González

    May 21, 1974 Fusagasugá 50 years old

    Colombian racing cyclist

    Wilson Morelo

    May 21, 1987 Montería 37 years old

    Colombian footballer

    Oswaldo Blanco

    May 21, 1991 Cartagena 33 years old


    Sergio Roman Palacios

    May 21, 1995 Manizales 29 years old

    Colombian footballer

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