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    Adrián Chacón

    Dec 10, 1988 35 years old

    Cuban male sprinter

    Dulce María Loynaz

    Dec 10, 1902 Havana Died on 27 Apr 1997 (aged 94)

    Cuban writer

    Arturo Costa

    Dec 10, 1945 Havana 78 years old

    Aurora Bosch

    Dec 10, 1942 Havana 81 years old

    Cuban dancer and teacher of ballet

    Erik Batte

    Dec 10, 1974 Sagua La Grande 49 years old

    athletics competitor

    Flores Chaviano

    Dec 10, 1946 Caibarién 77 years old

    Cuban musician

    Alfredo Rolando Ortiz

    Dec 10, 1946 77 years old


    Dany Luis Quintero

    Dec 10, 1984 Cienfuegos 39 years old

    Cuban footballer

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