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    Oct 07, 1984 Cairo 38 years old


    Baligh Hamdi

    Oct 07, 1931 Cairo Died on 12 Sep 1993 (aged 61)

    Egyptian musicians

    Murder of Marwa El-Sherbini

    Oct 07, 1977 Alexandria Died on 01 Jul 2009 (aged 31)

    Egyptian handball player and pharmacist murdered in Germany in 2009

    Muhammad Aladdin

    Oct 07, 1979 Cairo 43 years old

    Egyptian novelist, short story writer, and script writer

    Carmen Suleiman

    Oct 07, 1994 Al Sharqia Governorate 28 years old

    Egyptian singer

    Naima Akef

    Oct 07, 1929 Ismaïlia Died on 23 Apr 1966 (aged 36)

    Egyptian belly dancer, film actress, acrobat, and performer

    Hakim (Egyptian singer)

    Oct 07, 1962 Cairo 60 years old

    Egyptian singer

    Abdelrahman Ossama

    Oct 07, 1988 Cairo 34 years old

    Olympic taekwondo practitioner

    Fawzi Chaaban

    Oct 07, 1930 Died on 10 May 1992 (aged 61)

    Venice Kamel Gouda

    Oct 07, 1934 88 years old

    Egyptian academic and government minister

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