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    Katrin Siska

    Dec 10, 1983 Tallinn 40 years old

    Estonian singer

    Saul Hallap

    Dec 10, 1897 Erastvere Died on 18 Jul 1941 (aged 43)

    Valter Palm

    Dec 10, 1905 Tallinn Died on 03 Nov 1994 (aged 88)

    Estonian boxer

    Rein Ahas

    Dec 10, 1966 Tartu Died on 18 Feb 2018 (aged 51)

    Estonian geographer

    Enn Sellik

    Dec 10, 1954 Iisaku 69 years old

    Olympic athlete

    Paul Varul

    Dec 10, 1952 Valga 71 years old

    Estonian lawyer and politician

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