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    Kardo Ploomipuu

    Mar 24, 1988 Pärnu 35 years old

    Estonian paralympic swimmer

    Roman Ubakivi

    Mar 24, 1945 Tallinn 78 years old

    association football player

    Anatoli Krikun

    Mar 24, 1948 Tartu 75 years old

    basketball player

    Kaido Kalm

    Mar 24, 1965 Keila 58 years old

    Estonian ice sledge hockey player

    Viktor Kingissepp

    Mar 24, 1888 Kaarma Rural Municipality Died on 04 May 1922 (aged 34)

    Estonian politician

    Jaan Tätte

    Mar 24, 1964 Viljandi 59 years old

    Estonian actor, author and singer

    Mart Kadastik

    Mar 24, 1955 Estonia 68 years old

    Estonian journalist

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