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    Kakha Baindurashvili

    Sep 26, 1978 Tbilisi 45 years old

    Georgian politician

    Vladimir Delba

    Sep 26, 1974 Sukhumi 49 years old

    Prime Minister of Abkhazia

    Nikolai Kuehner

    Sep 26, 1877 Tbilisi Died on 05 Apr 1955 (aged 77)


    Tsotne Machavariani

    Sep 26, 1997 Tbilisi 26 years old

    Konstantine Gabashvili

    Sep 26, 1948 Tbilisi 75 years old

    Georgian politician and diplomat

    Giorgi Demetradze

    Sep 26, 1976 Tbilisi 47 years old

    Georgian footballer

    Giorgi Nemsadze

    Sep 26, 1984 Kutaisi 39 years old

    Georgian rugby union player

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