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    Yannis Christopoulos

    Jun 07, 1974 Patras 49 years old

    basketball coach

    Dimitri Salachas

    Jun 07, 1939 Athens 84 years old

    Apostolic Exarch of Greece

    Lefteris Kakiousis

    Jun 07, 1968 Thessaloniki 55 years old

    Greek professional basketball player and coach

    Petros Galaktopoulos

    Jun 07, 1945 Athens 78 years old

    Olympic wrestler

    Rafaéla Spanoudaki-Hatziriga

    Jun 07, 1994 Rhodes 29 years old

    Apostolos Antonopoulos

    Jun 07, 1983 Athens 40 years old

    Olympic swimmer

    Evelina Papantoniou

    Jun 07, 1979 Athens 44 years old

    Greek model

    Paschalis Seretis

    Jun 07, 1967 Serres 56 years old

    Greek footballer

    Dimitrios Mikhas

    Jun 07, 1958 65 years old

    Olympic athlete

    Dimitrios Kalogerakos

    Jun 07, 1996 Athens 27 years old

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