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    Ali Akbar Salehi

    Mar 24, 1949 Karbala 74 years old

    Iranian politician

    Soroush Rafiei

    Mar 24, 1990 Shiraz 33 years old


    Yadollah Sharifirad

    Mar 24, 1946 Taleqan 77 years old

    Iranian fighter pilot, writer, military attaché

    Ehsan Khorsandi

    Mar 24, 1985 Tehran 38 years old

    Iranian footballer

    Yadollah Jahanbazi

    Mar 24, 1973 junaghan 50 years old

    football referee

    Ali Akbar Ahaki

    Mar 24, 1993 Ahvaz 30 years old

    Iranian association football player

    Levon Davidian

    Mar 24, 1944 Tehran Died on 15 Jul 2009 (aged 65)

    Iranian politician

    Mehdi Mohammadpour

    Mar 24, 1985 Tabriz 38 years old

    association football player

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