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    Ehsan Rouzbahani

    Jun 23, 1988 Tehran 36 years old

    Iranian boxer

    Mohammad Mehdi Goorangi

    Jun 23, 1975 Shiraz 49 years old

    Iranian composer

    Hassan Ayat

    Jun 23, 1938 Najafabad Died on 05 Aug 1981 (aged 43)

    Iranian politician

    Nasrollah Dehnavi

    Jun 23, 1950 Masjed Soleyman 74 years old

    Iranian weightlifter

    Taleb Reykani

    Jun 23, 1990 Abadan 34 years old

    Iranian footballer

    Omid Bonakdar

    Jun 23, 1969 Tehran 55 years old

    Iranian director

    Ghadam-Ali Sarami

    Jun 23, 1944 Ramhormoz 80 years old

    Iranian writer

    Hemat Abedinejad

    Jun 23, 1980 Iran 44 years old

    football player

    Amir Mohebbian

    Jun 23, 1962 Tehran 62 years old

    Iranian politician

    Pouya Norouzinejad

    Jun 23, 1994 Ardabil 30 years old

    Iranian handball player

    Shahram Homayoun

    Jun 23, 1955 Tehran 69 years old

    Iranian activist

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