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    Mirnawan Nawawi

    Sep 19, 1971 Melaka 52 years old

    Malaysian hockey player

    Mohid Mohamed

    Sep 19, 1957 Batu Pahat 66 years old

    Chief Secretary for the Ministry Youth and Sport Malaysia

    You Zhangjing

    Sep 19, 1994 Johor 29 years old

    Malaysian singer

    4 Adira


    Sep 19, 1991 Ranau 32 years old

    Malaysian singer

    Alif Satar

    Sep 19, 1990 Kuala Lumpur 33 years old

    Malaysian reality television contestant, singer, television host and actor

    Shaharuddin Badaruddin

    Sep 19, 1962 Tanjung Karang Died on 02 Aug 2018 (aged 55)

    Ooi Hock Lim

    Sep 19, 1943 80 years old

    Shanti Govindasamy

    Sep 19, 1967 56 years old

    Malaysian sprinter

    Mazlizam Mohamad

    Sep 19, 1986 Perlis 37 years old

    Malaysian footballer

    Ibni Khozaimi

    Sep 19, 1994 Malaysia 29 years old

    Malaysian association football player

    Wong Sai Kong

    Sep 19, 1978 Malaysia 45 years old

    Malaysian footballer

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