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    Granville Elliott

    Oct 07, 1713 Municipal Borough of Barnes Died on 10 Oct 1759 (aged 46)

    Army General, British military expert, working for Britain and Palatine forces

    Christianus Robidé van der Aa

    Oct 07, 1791 Amsterdam Died on 14 May 1851 (aged 59)

    Dutch lawyer and author

    Isaac Massa

    Oct 07, 1586 Haarlem Died on 01 Jan 1643 (aged 56)

    Dutch grain trader, traveller and diplomat

    Maria van Reigersberch

    Oct 07, 1589 Died on 19 Apr 1653 (aged 63)

    wife of Grotius who helped him escape in a book case

    Volkert Overlander

    Oct 07, 1570 Amsterdam Died on 18 Oct 1630 (aged 60)

    Dutch mayor

    William Nassau de Zuylestein, 1st Earl of Rochford

    Oct 07, 1649 The Hague Died on 12 Jul 1708 (aged 58)

    Dutch soldier and diplomat in the service of William III of England

    Henricus Franciscus Wiertz

    Oct 07, 1784 Amsterdam Died on 07 Jun 1858 (aged 73)

    19th-century painter from the Northern Netherlands

    Jan Griffier II

    Oct 07, 1688 Amsterdam Died on 01 Jan 1750 (aged 61)

    18th century painter

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