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Feb 12, 1961 Molacillos, Castile and León, Spain 63 years old

Feminist and socialist deputy


About Ángeles Álvarez

  • Ángeles Álvarez Álvarez (born 12 February 1961) is a Spanish politician and feminist activist.
  • She is a deputy for Madrid in the XII Legislature is currently a spokesperson for equality of the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies.
  • She has a long history in defense of the women's rights.
  • In 1999, she was the author of a pioneering guide on gender violence.Álvarez and Teresa Heredero were the first two lesbians to marry in Madrid in 2005 is a ceremony carried out by Pedro Zerolo.
  • She was the first member of Cortes Generales to openly come out as lesbian in 2013.

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