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May 15, 1934 East Harlem, New York, United States 90 years old

Author, professor, psychiatrist


About Alvin Francis Poussaint

  • Alvin Francis Poussaint, M.
  • D.
  • is an American psychiatrist well known for his research on the effects of racism in the black community.
  • He is a noted author, public speaker, and television consultant, and Dean of Students at Harvard Medical School.
  • His work in psychiatry is influenced greatly by the civil rights movement in the South, which he joined in 1965.
  • While living in the South, Pouissant learned much about the racial dynamics.
  • He soon delved into his first book, Why Blacks Kill Blacks, which looks at the effects of racism on the psychological development of blacks.
  • Most of Poussaint's work focuses on the mental health of African Americans.

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