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Sep 23, 1878 San Antonio, Texas, United States Died on 21 Jul 1950 (aged 71)

American politician


About Augustus Mccloskey

  • Augustus McCloskey (September 23, 1878 – July 21, 1950) was a U.S.
  • Representative from Texas. Born in San Antonio, Texas, McCloskey attended Atascosa (Texas) School, St.
  • Joseph's Academy, San Antonio, Texas, and St.
  • Mary's College, San Antonio, Texas.
  • He was employed as a stenographer 1903–1907.
  • He studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1907 and commenced practice in San Antonio, Texas.
  • He served as judge of Bexar County 1920–1928, and as delegate to the Democratic National Convention at Houston, Texas, in 1928. McCloskey presented credentials as a Democratic Member-elect to the Seventy-first Congress and served from March 4, 1929, to February 10, 1930, when he was succeeded by Harry M.
  • Wurzbach who successfully contested his election.
  • He was not a candidate for renomination in 1930.
  • He resumed the practice of law.
  • He served as judge of the corporation court of San Antonio, Texas, from January 1943 to July 1947.
  • He practiced law until his death in San Antonio, Texas, July 21, 1950.
  • He was interred in San Fernando Cemetery.

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