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Sep 19, 1869 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States Died on 01 Jul 1940 (aged 70)

American actor


About Ben Turpin

  • Bernard "Ben" Turpin (September 19, 1869 – July 1, 1940) was an American comedian and actor, best remembered for his work in silent films.
  • His trademarks were his cross-eyed appearance and adeptness at vigorous physical comedy.
  • Turpin worked with notable performers such as Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy, and was a part of the Mack Sennett studio team.
  • He is believed to have been the first filmed "victim" of the pie in the face gag.
  • When sound came to films, Turpin chose to retire, having invested profitably in real estate, although he did do occasional cameos.

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