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Apr 03, 1798 New York City, New York, United States Died on 08 Feb 1877 (aged 78)

naval officer and explorer from the United States


About Charles Wilkes

  • Charles Wilkes (April 3, 1798 – February 8, 1877) was an American naval officer, ship's captain, and explorer.
  • He led the United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842.
  • His behavior led to two convictions by court-martial, one stemming from the massacre of almost 80 Fijians on Malolo in 1840.
  • During the American Civil War (1861–1865) he commanded USS San Jacinto during the Trent Affair, where he stopped a Royal Mail Ship and removed two British subjects, which almost led to war between the US and the UK.

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