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How to Pronounce Conrad II of Italy

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Feb 12, 1074 Hersfeld Abbey, Germany Died on 27 Jul 1101 (aged 27)

German king


About Conrad Ii Of Italy

  • Conrad II or Conrad (III) (12 February 1074 – 27 July 1101) was the Duke of Lower Lorraine (1076–87), King of Germany (1087–98) and King of Italy (1093–98).
  • He was the second son of Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV and Bertha of Savoy, and their eldest son to reach adulthood, his older brother Henry having been born and died in the same month of August 1071.
  • Conrad's rule in Lorraine and Germany was nominal.
  • He spent most of his life in Italy and there he was king in fact as well as in name.

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