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Sep 18, 1863 Forbes, New South Wales, Australia Died on 02 May 1927 (aged 63)

Australian New Zealand photographer and politician


About Eden George

  • Ernest Eden George (18 September 1863 – 2 May 1927), known as Eden George, was born in New South Wales and came to New Zealand as a young man.
  • He made his career in photography and was active in Auckland and Dunedin, but mainly in Christchurch.
  • Entrepreneurial, combative and confrontational, he entered the political scene.
  • In his early life, he stood at five elections to the New Zealand Parliament, but he came last at every occasion.
  • Surprisingly, he was elected Mayor of Christchurch in 1892 without, unlike all his predecessors, having ever served as a councillor on Christchurch City Council before.
  • He had a most difficult year, was soundly beaten at the next election and told councillors that they "should forget him, as he would forget them".
  • Indeed, in 1906, his was the only photo of all the city's ex mayors that was not on display in the mayor's office. After a short period in Auckland, George moved to Australia, where he continued his career as a photographer.
  • He was a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for six years.
  • After his defeat, he travelled extensively.

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