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May 15, 1959 Arendal, Aust Agder, Norway 65 years old

Norwegian priest and author


About Einar Gelius

  • Einar Gelius (born 15 May 1959 in Arendal) is a Norwegian priest who has also been involved in politics for the Labour Party. He is known as the priest of Vålerenga parish, more specifically Vålerenga church.
  • He previously held the same position in Ørland, Beitstad and Namdalseid.
  • He graduated from the University of Oslo in 1985, and was ordained in 1986. During the first cabinet Stoltenberg, Gelius was appointed State Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government.Gelius is also a radio personality, author, and runs a communications bureau Gelius Kommunikasjon. He is the brother of news anchor Jon Gelius.

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