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Nov 20, 1877 Beirut Vilayet Died on 02 Jan 1962 (aged 84)

Syrian politician


About Fares Al Khoury

  • Faris al-Khoury (Arabic: ???? ???????) ( November 20, 1877 – January 2, 1962) was a Syrian statesman, minister, prime minister, speaker of Parliament, and godfather of modern Syrian politics; born in Hasbaya in today's modern Lebanon.
  • Faris Khoury went on to become prime minister of Syria from October 14, 1944, to October 1, 1945, and from October 1954 to February 13, 1955.
  • Faris Koury's position as prime minister is, as of 2017, the highest political position a Syrian Christian has ever reached.
  • Khoury's electoral popularity was due in part to his staunch secularist and nationalist policies.
  • As a die-hard Syrian nationalist, Khoury never compromised on his principles and was resolutely against pan-Arabism and the ill-fated union between Syria and Egypt.
  • Khoury opposed the short-lived union between Nasser's Egypt and republican Syria, the United Arab Republic.
  • Through it all Faris Khoury served his country for almost 50 years.
  • He was the grandfather of noted Syrian novelist Colette Khoury.

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