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Feb 12, 1963 Fetești, Ialomița County, Romania 61 years old

Romanian rugby union player


About Gheorghe Leonte

  • Gheorghe Leonte (born Fete?ti, 12 February 1963) is a former Romanian rugby union footballer.
  • He played as a prop. Leonte first played for Steaua Bucuresti, until he moved to France, where he represented Miélan-Mirande and CS Vienne, the last team of his player career. He had 57 caps for Romania, scoring 4 tries, 19 points in aggregate, from 12 March 1984, in a 28-22 win over Scotland, in Bucharest, in a friendly match, to 3 June 1995, in a 42-3 defeat to Australia, in Stellenbosch, for the 1995 Rugby World Cup finals. Leonte played in three Rugby World Cup finals, having 2 caps at the 1987 Rugby World Cup, 3 caps at the 1991 Rugby World Cup and 3 once again at the 1995 Rugby World Cup, never scoring.

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