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May 26, 1847 Coburg, Germany Died on 25 Nov 1910 (aged 63)

German obstetrician and gynecologist


About Hermann Löhlein

  • Christian Adolf Hermann Löhlein (26 May 1847 in Coburg – 25 November 1901) was a German obstetrician and gynecologist. In 1870, he obtained his medical doctorate following studies at the universities of Jena and Berlin.
  • Afterwards he spent several years at Berlin as an assistant in the clinic of Eduard Arnold Martin (1809–1875).
  • From 1875 to 1888, he was a lecturer in obstetrics and gynecology in Berlin, followed by a professorship at the University of Giessen.
  • Here he was successor to Max Hofmeier (1854–1927) as chair of OB/GYN, becoming university rector in 1898.
  • At Giessen he was also editor of the Gynäkologische Tagesfragen (Gynecological issues of the day).

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