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Feb 12, 1775 Güeñes, Basque Country, Spain Died on 27 Aug 1836 (aged 61)

Spanish sailor


About Jacinto De Romarate

  • Jacinto de Romarate Salamanca (1775 – 1836) was a Spanish sailor, who fought in the British invasions of the Río de la Plata and on the Royalist side during the Argentine War of Independence.
  • Back in Spain, he participated in the First Carlist War. He was born at Güeñes, in Biscay, and joined the Spanish navy.
  • He moved to Puerto Rico first, and then to Montevideo.
  • He helped to the liberation of Buenos Aires during the first British invasions of the Río de la Plata, commanding the ship "La Vizcaína".
  • He was wounded during the battle, and promoted afterwards.
  • Romarate fought as well in the defense of Buenos Aires against the ill-fated second invasion. Romarate did not accept the legitimacy of the government Junta established in 1808 by Javier de Elío in Montevideo, and moved to Buenos Aires.
  • He rejected as well the May Revolution, which succeeded in deposing the viceroy.
  • When the Primera Junta took government, Romarate moved back to Montevideo.
  • He also refused support to the mutiny of Álzaga, a Royalist plot eventually suppressed by the Buenos Aires government.
  • Montevideo declared war to Buenos Aires, and Romarate fought in the naval blockade imposed to the city.
  • During the battle of San Nicolás, he defeated a rudimentary flotilla, which was sending reinforcements to Manuel Belgrano in the Paraguay campaign.
  • He was finally defeated by Guillermo Brown during the Battle of Martín García.
  • Romarate would not surrender until the capitulation of Montevideo, and then requested to return to Spain to fight in the Peninsular War.

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