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Sep 19, 1958 Florida, United States Died on 30 Sep 2009 (aged 51)

American murderer


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  • Jessica Marie Lunsford (October 6, 1995 – February 27, 2005) was an American nine-year-old girl from Homosassa, Florida, who was murdered in February 2005.
  • Lunsford was abducted from her home in the early morning of February 24, 2005, by John Couey, a 46-year-old convicted sex offender who lived nearby.
  • Couey held her captive over the weekend, during which she was raped and later murdered by being buried alive.
  • The media extensively covered the investigation and trial of Couey.
  • Lunsford's murder became a cause célèbre that influenced the introduction of legislation in Florida known as Jessica's Law, designed to protect potential victims and reduce a sexual offender's ability to re-offend, which has since influenced similar legislation in 42 other states. On August 24, 2007, a judge in Inverness convicted Couey for the kidnapping, sexual battery, and first degree murder of Lunsford, and sentenced him to death.
  • However, Couey died of natural causes in 2009, before his sentence could be carried out.

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