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Sep 18, 1998 Bangkok, Thailand 25 years old

badminton player


About Kantaphon Wangcharoen

  • Kantaphon Wangcharoen (Thai: ?????? ?????????; born 18 September 1998) is a Thai badminton player.
  • At the young age, Wangcharoen became the runner-up in the senior tournament 2014 Singapore International in the men's singles event after losing the match because of foot injury.
  • Wangcharoen clinched the bronze medal at the World Junior Championships in the boys' singles event, also part of the junior team that won the mixed team bronze in 2014 and 2016, and Asian mixed team bronze in 2016. Wangcharoen was a member of the Thailand national team that won the bronze medals at the 2017, 2019 Southeast Asian Games and 2019 Sudirman Cup.
  • He also the finalist at the BWF Grand Prix Gold event 2017 Thailand Masters, and won the 2017 National Championships title.
  • He ended the 2018 BWF season by qualified to compete at the World Tour Finals and catapulted him to a career-best world ranking of no.
  • 15 at that year.
  • He won the bronze medal at the 2019 BWF World Championships, became the first ever Thai player to win a World Championships medal in the men's singles event.

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