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Lisa Howard Canadian Actress, Net Worth, Biography, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Age, Family, Facts and More in

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Nov 24, 1963 London, Ontario, Canada 59 years old

Canadian actress (b. 1963)


About Lisa Howard Canadian Actress

  • Lisa Howard (born November 24, 1963 in London, Ontario) is a Canadian television actress.
  • She is most notable for her role as Lili Marquette in the series Earth: Final Conflict, her role as Anne Lindsey in Highlander: The Series and her 3 guest appearances in Tropical Heat.
  • In 1987, she starred in the movie, Rolling Vengeance.
  • She also made appearances in numerous series such as Perry Mason, Days of Our Lives, Wings, Forever Knight, Loving Friends and Perfect Couples, RoboCop: The Series, Cybill, The Pretender and Suddenly Susan.
  • She played April Ramirez on Days of Our Lives from 1988 to 1991, and from September 1995 to February 1996.
  • In 1992 she had an appearance as an aerobics instructor on Wings. Howard is married to producer/writer Daniel Cerone and has two children.

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