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Jun 11, 1844 Rome, Lazio, Italy Died on 11 Sep 1908 (aged 64)

Italian painter, artist, draughtsperson and writer


About Ludovico Seitz

  • Ludovico Seitz (June 11, 1844 – January 18, 1908), also known as Ludwig Seitz, was an Italian painter. Son of the German painter Alexander Maximilian Seitz (1811-1888), Ludovico adhered as his father to the Nazarene movement in painting.
  • He executed the frescoes which decorate the German Chapel of the Basilica of Loreto (1892-1902), in panes with the stories of the Blessed Virgin.
  • This is considered his most important work.
  • He also executed frescoes in Santa Maria dell'Anima and in the Vatican and in the Djakovo cathedral in Croatia.
  • He was director of the Pinacoteca Vaticana (part of the Vatican Museums).
  • Among his students was Rosina Mantovani Gutti.

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