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Feb 12, 1843 Chelsea, Massachusetts, United States Died on 29 Oct 1925 (aged 82)

Medla of Honor recipient


About Marcus M. Haskell

  • Marcus M.
  • Haskell (February 12, 1843 - October 29, 1925) was an American soldier who fought in the American Civil War.
  • He received the Medal of Honor, the highest military award, for rescuing a wounded man while under fire at Antietam, on 17 September 1862, in spite of his own wound.Haskell was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts on February 12, 1843, and joined the Army in August 1862.
  • He was wounded on no less than six different occasions before finally mustering out in June 1865.
  • He was awarded the Medal of Honor on 18 November 1896, for distinguished gallantry at the Battle of Antietam.Haskell died on October 29, 1925 and was buried at the Beechwood Cemetery in Centerville, Massachusetts.

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