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Apr 03, 1973 's Hertogenbosch, North Brabant, Netherlands 51 years old

Dutch politician (CDA) and trade union leader


About Michel Rog

  • Michel Richard Joachim Rog (born 3 April 1973 in 's-Hertogenbosch) is a Dutch politician and trade union leader.
  • As a member of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) he has been an MP since 20 September 2012.
  • Previously he was a member of the council of former Amsterdam stadsdeel (borough) De Baarsjes for Democrats 66 (D66) from 2002 to 2006. Rog worked as a teacher of civics.
  • Succeedingly he worked as a team leader civil aviation for trade union De Unie from 1999 to 2006.
  • Since 2006 he has been working as a board member and since 2008 as president of CNV Onderwijs, the teachers' union of the National Federation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands (Christelijk Nationaal Vakverbond - CNV). Michel Rog is married, has two sons and lives in Haarlem.

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