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Mar 18, 1929 Palermo, Sicily, Italy Died on 10 Dec 1969 (aged 40)

Italian Mafia member


About Michele Cavataio

  • Michele Cavataio (18 March 1929 – 10 December 1969), also known as Il cobra (The cobra) was an Italian mobster and powerful member of the Sicilian Mafia.
  • He was the boss of the Acquasanta mandamento in Palermo and was a member of the first Sicilian Mafia Commission.
  • Some sources spell his surname as Cavatajo.Cavataio was one of the most feared mafioso gangsters of his time.
  • His nickname The Cobra allegedly came from his favorite firearm, the Colt Cobra, a six-shot revolver.
  • He was described as a cunning killer with a gorilla-like face.

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