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Sep 19, 1900 Longyan, Fujian, China Died on 20 Dec 1945 (aged 45)

Chinese painter


About Ong Schan Tchow

  • Ong Schan Tchow (Chinese: ???; pinyin: Weng Zhàn Qiu) (also known as Yung Chan Tchow, Ong Chan Chiew or Ang Chan Chiew in the Hokkien dialect) alias Yung Len Kwui (Chinese: ???; pinyin: Weng Lián Guì) (also known as Ong Lien Kuei) (19 September 1900 – 20 December 1945) was born in the ethnically Hokkien city in the eastern part of Longyan prefecture, Southern Fujian Province, China.
  • He was well known for Chinese Ink wash painting and colour paintings of flowers (Chrysanthemums in particular), landscapes (Shan shui), animals, people, still life and Calligraphy. He was regarded as one of the first few batches of Chinese scholars and artists to study in Paris and one of the few artists who integrated both traditional Chinese and Western art techniques. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, he became renowned as a patriot artist when he exhibited extensively in China, Hong Kong and later in South East Asia to raise funds solely for the war relief effort and for the countless Chinese civilian victims in China, Malaysia and Singapore.

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