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Nov 20, 1830 County Westmeath, Leinster, Ireland Died on 18 Jul 1900 (aged 69)

American politician


About Patrick Henry Jones

  • Patrick Henry Jones (November 20, 1830 – July 23, 1900) was an American lawyer, public servant and Postmaster of New York City during the mid-to late 19th century.
  • In 1878, he was involved in the Alexander T.
  • Stewart bodysnatching case when he was contacted by the kidnappers to act as an intermediary between themselves and the Stewart estate.
  • When negotiations stalled between the Stewart family's lawyer Henry Hilton, he assisted Stewart's widow in negotiating for the return of her husband's body.Jones also had a successful military career serving with the Union Army during the American Civil War, being involved in thirty major battles and countless skirmishes, and reaching the rank of brigadier general before the war's end.
  • He was one of ten Irish-Americans to become brigade commanders and one of four Irish born officers to become a divisional commander.

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