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Nov 24, 1814 Borgund, Møre og Romsdal, Norway Died on 22 Mar 1882 (aged 67)

Norwegian businessman


About Peter Wessel Wind Kildal

  • Peter Wessel Wind Kildal (24 November 1814 – 22 March 1882) was a Norwegian merchant and industrialist.Kildal was born at Borgund in Møre og Romsdal, Norway.
  • He was the son of Ole Severin Kildal and Karen Friis Wind.
  • He was the brother of politician, Peter Daniel Baade Wind Kildal.As a young man, Kildal went to Christiania (now Oslo) to apprentice with Christian Benneche who ran a general store.
  • He opened his first merchantile store in Christiania in 1842.
  • He gradually expanded other businesses into P.
  • W.
  • W.
  • Kildal & Co.
  • At Høyenhall in Østensjø, he owned the country's largest fruit plantation, at Hol in Ringsaker he owned a farm, a dairy and a potato flour factory.
  • In 1863 he took over the Lilleborg Fabriker factory which remained family operated until 1897.He was married to Christine Marie Gotaas (1817-1900) and was the father of Birger Kildal.
  • His daughter Elen Lovise married Lauritz Birkeland, a son of bishop Peter Hersleb Graah Birkeland.

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