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Apr 03, 1983 Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands 41 years old

Dutch visual artist


About Rosa Menkman

  • Rosa Menkman (born 1983) is a Dutch art theorist, curator, and visual artist specialising in glitch art and resolution theory.
  • She investigates video compression, feedback, and glitches, using her exploration to generate art works. Menkman's The Collapse of PAL (2011), in which she acknowledges the end of PAL (Phase Alternating Line)—an analogue video programming structure—is the digital version of a live audio visual performance first performed on national Danish television and afterward realized at oa.
  • Transmediale (Germany) and Nova festival (Brasil).Menkman has curated several international exhibitions of other artists' work.
  • In 2019 Menkman won the Collide International Barcelona Award from CERN.

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