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Jun 11, 1919 Jordan Died on 09 Jun 2008 (aged 88)

Jordanian historian


About Suleiman Mousa

  • Suleiman Mousa (Arabic: ?????? ???????) (11 June 1919 – 9 June 2008) was a Jordanian author and historian born in Al-Rafeed, a small village north of the city of Irbid.
  • He wrote up to fifty books of which most prominent are Biography of Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, Jordan in the 1948 War, Great Arab Revolt, History of Jordan in the 20th century, and was the first and only Arab author to write about Lawrence of Arabia and show the Arab perspective.His book T.E.
  • Lawrence: An Arab View was published in 1966 and translated into English, French and Japanese.
  • It was written after a study that had convinced him that although there were many books written to praise Lawrence and others written to discredit him, all of them exaggerated his part in the Arab Revolt and failed to do justice to the Arabs themselves.

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