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May 15, 1932 Ankara, Turkey Died on 07 Jul 2016 (aged 84)

Turkish footballer


About Turgay Eren

  • Turgay Sabit Seren (15 May 1932 – 6 July 2016) was a Turkish football player, who was a one-time goalkeeper of Galatasaray.
  • He played for Galatasaray between 1947 and 1966 and was capped 52 times for Turkey, including two matches at the 1954 FIFA World Cup.
  • His heroic saves against West Germany in 1951 in Berlin was what he is still remembered for.
  • Turkey had won 2–1.
  • Because of that unforgettable day, he is nicknamed as "Berlin Panteri" (Panther of Berlin).
  • He also coached Galatasaray.
  • Seren was awarded a testimonial match by the club in 1967 in Istanbul, inviting players like Ion Pârcalab, Lev Yashin and Ion Nunweiller.After his retirement, Seren became a football columnist and a television commentator. Seren died at age 84 on 6 July 2016.
  • He was interred at Zincirlikuyu Cemetery following a memorial service held at the Türk Telekom Arena and the religious funeral service at Tesvikiye Mosque on 9 July 2016.
  • He was survived by his son Emre Seren

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