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Feb 12, 1888 Died on 16 Jun 1957 (aged 69)

American conductor


About Victor Kolar

  • Victor Kolar (February 12, 1888 – June 16, 1957) was a Hungarian-born American composer and conductor.
  • Kolar was born in Budapest and studied at the Prague Conservatory, where he was a pupil of Otakar Ševcík (violin) and Antonín Dvorák (composition).
  • From 1905 until 1920 he was a violinist with the Pittsburgh Symphony and New York Symphony, joining the Detroit Symphony in 1920 as an assistant conductor.
  • He remained with the orchestra until 1941, eventually assuming the post of principal conductor.
  • Active as a composer as well, he wrote a symphony, some tone poems and a few orchestral suites.
  • Of these last, his Americana won first prize in a 1914 contest sponsored by the Illinois State Teachers Association. Kolar died in Detroit in 1957.

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