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Feb 12, 1870 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Died on 01 Jan 1921 (aged 50)

American Mormon philosopher, theologian, and educator


About William Henry Chamberlin Philosopher

  • William Henry Chamberlin Jr.
  • (February 12, 1870 – May 9, 1921) was an American Mormon philosopher, theologian, and educator.
  • His teachings and writings worked to reconcile Mormonism with the theory of evolution.
  • He taught philosophy and ancient languages as well as science and math at several Latter-day Saints (LDS) institutions including Brigham Young University in the early 20th century.
  • He was one of four educators at Brigham Young University whose teaching of evolution and attempts to reconcile it with Mormon thought, although strongly popular with students, generated controversy among university officials and the LDS community.
  • Chamberlin has been called "Mormonism's first professionally trained philosopher and theologian."

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