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    José Rocha

    Jul 06, 1976 46 years old

    Portuguese long-distance runner

    Ernesto Figueiredo

    Jul 06, 1937 Tomar 85 years old

    Portuguese footballer

    Ruben Guerreiro

    Jul 06, 1994 Portugal 28 years old

    Portuguese cyclist

    Diana Gomes

    Jul 06, 1989 Lisbon 33 years old

    Olympic swimmer

    Helinho (footballer, born 1995)

    Jul 06, 1995 27 years old

    Portuguese association football player

    Ricardo Nunes (footballer, born 1982)

    Jul 06, 1982 Portugal 40 years old

    Portuguese footballer

    Bruno Baltazar

    Jul 06, 1977 Lisbon 45 years old

    Portuguese footballer

    Francisco Andrade

    Jul 06, 1980 42 years old

    Portuguese yacht racer

    António Maria de Aguilar

    Jul 06, 1978 Lisbon 44 years old

    Portuguese rugby union footballer

    Luís Mata

    Jul 06, 1997 Porto 25 years old

    association football player

    António Xavier

    Jul 06, 1992 Portugal 30 years old

    Portuguese footballer

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