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    José Pinto Coelho

    Sep 27, 1960 Lisbon 62 years old

    Portuguese politician

    Hugo Passos

    Sep 27, 1979 Lisbon 43 years old

    Olympic wrestler

    Ana Plácido

    Sep 27, 1831 Porto Died on 20 Sep 1895 (aged 63)

    Portuguese writer

    Jaime Mercês

    Sep 27, 1963 Cova da Piedade 59 years old

    Portuguese footballer

    Filipe Ferreira (footballer, born 1990)

    Sep 27, 1990 Lisbon 32 years old

    Portuguese footballer


    Sep 27, 1973 Loulé 49 years old

    Portuguese association football player

    João Cardoso (footballer, born 1951)

    Sep 27, 1951 Sacavém 71 years old


    Nuno Gomes (footballer, born 1978)

    Sep 27, 1978 Lisbon 44 years old

    Portuguese footballer

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