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    Cláudia Cianci

    Jun 07, 1996 27 years old

    Portuguese tennis player

    John III of Portugal

    Jun 07, 1502 São Jorge Castle Died on 11 Jun 1557 (aged 55)

    Portuguese monarch

    Pedro Miguel Dias

    Jun 07, 1973 Lisbon 50 years old

    Portuguese association football player

    Miguel Marques (footballer)

    Jun 07, 1963 Guimarães 60 years old

    Portuguese footballer

    Rui Jorge (footballer, born 1995)

    Jun 07, 1995 Guimarães 28 years old

    Portuguese footballer

    Noémia Delgado

    Jun 07, 1933 Huíla Province Died on 02 Mar 2016 (aged 82)

    Portuguese film and television director, screenwriter and film editor

    João José

    Jun 07, 1978 Portimão 45 years old

    Portuguese volleyball player

    Rúben Andrade

    Jun 07, 1982 Funchal 41 years old

    Portuguese footballer

    Paulo Frischknecht

    Jun 07, 1961 Tomar 62 years old

    Portuguese swimmer

    Jorge Calado

    Jun 07, 1942 Portuguese Mozambique 81 years old

    Portuguese football player

    Fernando Fernandes (athlete)

    Jun 07, 1920 103 years old

    José Maria Júnior

    Jun 07, 1943 Portugal 80 years old


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