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    Dušan Šarotar

    Apr 16, 1968 Murska Sobota 56 years old

    Slovenian writer

    Milan Zadel

    Apr 16, 1930 Ljubljana 94 years old

    Yugoslav canoeist

    Marko Jakolić

    Apr 16, 1991 Brežice 33 years old

    Slovenian footballer

    Adem Kapič

    Apr 16, 1975 Ljubljana 49 years old

    Slovenian football player

    Vital Ahačič

    Apr 16, 1933 Died on 14 Apr 1995 (aged 61)

    Slovenian accordionist and pedagogue

    Ana Haložan

    Apr 16, 1996 Slovenske Konjice 28 years old

    Mirko Mulalić

    Apr 16, 1988 Ljubljana 36 years old

    Slovenian basketball player

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