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    Maks Bajc

    Oct 07, 1919 Ljubljana Died on 25 Sep 1983 (aged 63)

    Slovenian actor

    Luka Bašič

    Oct 07, 1989 Ljubljana 33 years old

    Slovenian ice hockey player

    Petar Stojanović (footballer)

    Oct 07, 1995 Ljubljana 27 years old

    Slovenian footballer

    Ivan Rebernik

    Oct 07, 1939 Maribor 83 years old

    Evfemija Štorga

    Oct 07, 1975 47 years old

    athletics competitor

    Anton Polenec

    Oct 07, 1910 Puštal Died on 30 Oct 2000 (aged 90)

    Slovene zoologist

    Marko Zalaznik

    Oct 07, 1994 Slovenia 28 years old

    Slovenian footballer

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