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    Carlos Jurado

    Jun 07, 1947 Florida 76 years old

    Uruguayan footballer/Football manager

    Gianni Rodríguez

    Jun 07, 1994 Montevideo 29 years old

    Uruguayan footballer

    Eduardo de la Peña

    Jun 07, 1955 Minas 68 years old

    Uruguayan footballer

    Antonio Alzamendi

    Jun 07, 1956 Durazno 67 years old

    Uruguayan footballer

    Florbel Pérez

    Jun 07, 1928 Montevideo 95 years old

    Pablo Zinger

    Jun 07, 1956 67 years old

    Uruguayan musician

    Domingo Pérez (footballer)

    Jun 07, 1934 Paysandú 89 years old

    Uruguayan footballer

    Luis Ubiña

    Jun 07, 1940 Montevideo Died on 17 Jul 2013 (aged 73)

    Uruguayan footballer

    Garabet Avedissian

    Jun 07, 1959 Montevideo 64 years old

    Uruguayan association football player

    Hébert Núñez

    Jun 07, 1956 Montevideo 67 years old

    Olympic basketball player

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