Famous Computer Scientist Birthdays, September, 18 in worldwide

Famous Computer Scientist Birthdays, September, 18 in worldwide, Browse celebrity birthdays sorted by region of birth, occupation and birthplace and more.

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    Nikolai Ardelyan

    Sep 18, 1953 Drohobych 70 years old

    Russian mathematician, Professor, Dr.Sc., Honored Scientist of the Moscow State University, Leading Researcher of the MSU Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics.

    Dmitry Sychugov

    Sep 18, 1955 Moscow 68 years old

    Russian mathematician, Dr.Sc., Professor, a professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Moscow State University.

    John McAfee

    Sep 18, 1945 Scotland 78 years old

    American computer programmer and businessman

    John Iliffe (computer designer)

    Sep 18, 1931 92 years old

    Mark Shuttleworth

    Sep 18, 1973 Welkom 50 years old

    South African entrepreneur; second self-funded visitor to the International Space Station

    Vladimir Sukhomlin

    Sep 18, 1945 Moscow 78 years old

    Tom Lane (computer scientist)

    Sep 18, 1955 Madrid 68 years old

    American computer scientist

    James Cooley

    Sep 18, 1926 New York City Died on 29 Jun 2016 (aged 89)

    American mathematicians

    Mark Steedman

    Sep 18, 1946 77 years old

    British computational linguist

    Richard Grimsdale

    Sep 18, 1929 Australia Died on 06 Dec 2005 (aged 76)

    electrical engineer

    Thomas A. DeFanti

    Sep 18, 1948 75 years old

    American computer Graphics researcher

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