Famous Singer Songwriter Birthdays, February, 12 in worldwide

Famous Singer Songwriter Birthdays, February, 12 in worldwide, Browse celebrity birthdays sorted by region of birth, occupation and birthplace and more.

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    Mike Posner

    Feb 12, 1988 Detroit 36 years old

    American singer-songwriter and producer

    Tzimis Panousis

    Feb 12, 1954 Athens Died on 13 Jan 2018 (aged 63)

    Greek musician and stand-up comedian

    Juanita Coulson

    Feb 12, 1933 Madison County 91 years old

    American writer, editor and filk musician

    Valeria Gribusova

    Feb 12, 1995 Mogilyov 29 years old

    Belarusian singer

    Andrew Koji Shiraki

    Feb 12, 1987 Harrisburg 37 years old

    American musician

    Michel Martelly

    Feb 12, 1961 Port au Prince 63 years old

    President of Haiti, musician

    Sophie Zelmani

    Feb 12, 1972 Stockholm 52 years old

    Swedish singer-songwriter

    Elle Varner

    Feb 12, 1989 Los Angeles 35 years old

    American singer-songwriter

    Masayuki Hiizumi

    Feb 12, 1978 Kōbe 46 years old

    Japanese pianist, producer

    Joaquín Sabina

    Feb 12, 1949 Úbeda 75 years old

    Spanish singer

    Gene McDaniels

    Feb 12, 1935 Kansas City Died on 29 Jul 2011 (aged 76)

    American singer and songwriter

    Angelo Branduardi

    Feb 12, 1950 Cuggiono 74 years old

    Italian folk singer and composer

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