Famous Singer Songwriter Birthdays, June, 11 in worldwide

Famous Singer Songwriter Birthdays, June, 11 in worldwide, Browse celebrity birthdays sorted by region of birth, occupation and birthplace and more.

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    Lynsey de Paul

    Jun 11, 1950 London Died on 01 Oct 2014 (aged 64)

    English recording artist; singer-songwriter

    Yui Aragaki

    Jun 11, 1988 Naha 36 years old

    Japanese idol, model, actress, singer, voice actress and radio show host

    Graham Russell

    Jun 11, 1950 Nottingham 74 years old

    English musician

    Harry James Angus

    Jun 11, 1982 Melbourne 42 years old

    Australian singer-songwriter

    Curtis Harding

    Jun 11, 1979 Saginaw 45 years old

    American soul singer and songwriter

    Minami Kuribayashi

    Jun 11, 1976 Shizuoka 48 years old

    Japanese singer-songwriter and voice actress

    Enrico Nigiotti

    Jun 11, 1987 Livorno 37 years old

    Italian singer-songwriter

    Hugh Laurie

    Jun 11, 1959 Oxford 65 years old

    English actor, comedian, writer, musician and director

    Jorja Smith

    Jun 11, 1997 Walsall 27 years old

    English singer-songwriter

    Katelyn Nacon

    Jun 11, 1999 Atlanta 25 years old

    American actress and musician

    11 TiA


    Jun 11, 1987 Yokohama 37 years old

    Japanese singer

    Jake Kerbrat

    Jun 11, 1985 39 years old

    Canadian singer

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