Famous Television Presenter Birthdays, September, 18 in worldwide

Famous Television Presenter Birthdays, September, 18 in worldwide, Browse celebrity birthdays sorted by region of birth, occupation and birthplace and more.

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    Billy Eichner

    Sep 18, 1978 New York City 45 years old

    American comedian and actor

    2 Xzibit


    Sep 18, 1974 Detroit 49 years old

    American rapper, actor, and television host

    Rafael Araneda

    Sep 18, 1969 Santiago 54 years old

    Popular Chilean TV presenter

    Marc Surer

    Sep 18, 1951 Arisdorf 72 years old

    Swiss racing driver

    Sofia Rivera Torres

    Sep 18, 1992 San Diego 31 years old

    Mexican American TV presenter and radio host

    Olly Smith

    Sep 18, 1974 Jersey 49 years old

    Television presenter and newspaper columnist, specialising in wine and food

    Christian Ehring

    Sep 18, 1972 Duisburg 51 years old

    German author

    Miroslav Lazanski

    Sep 18, 1950 Karlovac 73 years old

    Ambassador of Serbia to the Russian Federation.

    Enrico Maria Salerno

    Sep 18, 1926 Milan Died on 28 Feb 1994 (aged 67)

    Italian actor

    Jean-Marc Richard (TV and radio presenter)

    Sep 18, 1960 Lausanne 63 years old

    TV personality

    Gunther Emmerlich

    Sep 18, 1944 Eisenberg 79 years old

    German television presenter, singer and opera singer

    Lucy Aharish

    Sep 18, 1981 Nazareth 42 years old

    Arab-Israeli journalist

    Jeremy Cordeaux

    Sep 18, 1945 78 years old

    Australian radio and television presenter

    Mark Simpkin

    Sep 18, 1972 Ashton Hayes 51 years old

    English television presenter and entrepreneur

    John Fashanu

    Sep 18, 1962 London 61 years old

    English footballer

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